About Us

Founded in insert year, The Royal Star Group of Houseboats has been committed to providing a luxurious and loyal service to its guests from across the world. Like every other houseboat, this gem has been passed on from one generation of honest and dedicated people to the next, who understand the needs of travelers from afar.

The origin of the houseboat lies in Kashmir’s history. Forbidding foreign visitors from constructing houses in the valley, gave rise to the concept of a houseboat. Also known as floating boats, the houseboats are made of cedar wood which stays healthy despite staying in water for years. The carved wooden paneling and the walnut wood furniture on which intricate carvings are done remain an exotic element of these gems floating on the Dal Lake.

Having worked actively with the East India Company, our late grandfather, Mr. Abdul Samad Karnai, took a keen interest in expanding and enhancing his forefathers’ vision of creating a hospitable environment that transcended time and borders. Our group’s hospitality comes from our Kashmiriyat. The centuries-old tradition of communal harmony, the spirit of Kashmiriyat celebrates Kashmir’s unique culture, festivals, language, cuisine, and clothing. This way of life is reflected by our devoted services and efforts, since the time of the British.

Carrying forward this age-old tradition, our generation has attempted to combine culture and modern technologies, in recent years, to provide excellent service to our customers. Along with this, Mr. Tariq Ahmed Karnai has shown great enthusiasm in caring for the natural habitat that surrounds the houseboats.